Our Savior’s College part-time online program provides the opportunity for believers to grow in their leadership and biblical knowledge. Although this program is not accredited, it consists of a wide variety of theological, biblical, and practical courses produced by Dr. Scott Adams. Upon completion of this one-year program, students will receive a certificate of completion through Our Savior’s College.


Commitment: Two (14 week) semesters of

  • Academic courses


  • $129/semester

  • Registration begins Sunday, January 13th and ends on Tuesday, February 5th

  • Classes begin Tuesday, February 5th and conclude Tuesday, May 14th

Course Topics

  • Christian leadership

  • Theology

  • Church history

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Marriage and family

Admissions Requirements

  • Be a committed follower of Christ

  • Be at least 16 years of age

  • Ensure access to sufficient financial resources to cover tuition

Spring 2019 courses offered

First Seven Weeks:

Life in the Spirit

This course examines the person and the work of the Holy Spirit in daily living. Who is the Holy Spirit? What are his roles? How do we relate to Him? How does He speak to us? These are some key questions that will be addressed. Further, in addition to proving a theological foundation for understanding the Spirit, the aim of this course centers on how the Spirit helps the believers in worship, prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and in one’s vocational calling.

Marriage and Family

There has never been a time when traditional marriage and biblical family values have been under attack as they presently are. Therefore, the present need centers on understanding God’s purpose and plan for marriage and family. This course not only examines the biblical foundation for marriage and family, but also provides practical application for topics such as marital roles and responsibilities, relational health, biblical parenting, stewardship, and much more.

Second Seven Weeks:

Christian Worldview and Apologetics

America can no longer be characterized as a “Christian nation.” The existence of God and the authority of the Bible is questioned, and biblical values are disregarded. Therefore, believers must be equipped with the knowledge and skill that is necessary to answer their critics. Upon completing this course, students will be able to defend key doctrines and provide a biblical, rational answer for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Life of Faith

Everyone loves a great story. Stories make us laugh and make us cry. They teach us lessons and provide valuable insight. While this is true of stories in general, perhaps the most important stories are those reported in the Bible, which contains real-life accounts of men and women who overcame great odds because of their faith in an even greater God. Therefore, the aim of this course centers on examining the stories of seven biblical characters whose lives provide an example of faith for us today.